Unconscious Bias Training

Samir Gupte Comments on Starbucks Racial Bias Training

Amid the backlash aimed at Starbucks in regards to their treatment of two African American men at one of their Philadelphia locations, executives at the company have decided to close over 8,000 of their stores for racial bias training. Although this is an incredibly powerful statement about the companies commitment to equality and understanding how implicit bias affects our day-to-day lives, the actual effectiveness of this training depends in large part on the content of the training and the ongoing efforts after the training is done.

During these revelations, Samir Gupte, our President and Chief Engagement Officer, was asked to comment as a source on an NBC article. The focus of the article was on how effective an afternoon of implicit bias really could be.

Samir was quoted in the article saying that an afternoon of training “is enough time to make a dent, but the trick will be, what are you doing during that time and what are you going to do afterwards?”