WSJ: Where Are All the Black CEOs?

The Wall Street Journal recently released an article titled “Where Are All the Black CEOs?” that featured an interview with CEO of TIAA, Roger Ferguson, who is African American. In this article, the interviewer asks questions of Mr. Ferguson including:

  • “There are fewer African-Americans heading up large companies than a decade ago. What happened?”
  • “Can you talk a little about the role you’ve played at the Executive Leadership Council and elsewhere in helping to seed the ground?”
  • “What about companies that don’t have diversity and inclusiveness in their DNA? How do they change?”

In addition to Mr. Ferguson’s answers, what we found interesting is the comments section (click “Show Comments” at the bottom of the article). The ideas that are expressed in the comments section reveal some interesting misconceptions about diversity and inclusion as well as several defenses of diversity in the workplace.