Since 1976, our passion has been helping organizations become more innovative and productive through diversity & inclusion consulting. Our assessments, training, and change management processes enable organizations to create inclusive cultures for everyone, allowing teams to leverage their differences as a competitive advantage.

We’ve worked with organizations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and India, helping leaders overcome resistance and create inclusive high-performing teams.

Take a look at how our diversity & inclusion consulting services have created substantive, sustainable change for some of our valued clients.

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Plant Turn Around

Situation: The VP of HR of a high-tech company recognized that there was a problem at one of their manufacturing sites. It was clear that employees were afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation.

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Cultural Differences

Situation: A large IT Division (9,000 employees) had become increasingly diverse – with many employees who were born outside of the U.S., and they had also outsourced a substantial amount of work to India. Human Resources was overwhelmed by requests for help dealing with cultural differences.

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High Performing Team

Situation: A global marketing team working on an extremely important new product launch had an incredibly talented group of individuals who were not working well together.

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Community Intervention

Situation: An urban hospital was contacted by the head of a local non-profit advocacy organization who wanted to discuss the hospital’s hiring and promotion practices. The hospital discovered that some of their employees had been meeting with this organization, and the situation continued to escalate as specific demands began to be made.

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Impact of Training

Situation: A client was dealing with race-related issues in one of their Sales Regions. They wanted to provide in-depth training for the Sales Managers, and also wanted a pre/post assessment to determine the impact of the training.

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