Chris’ relationship with Pope Consulting dates to 2001 when he was certified as a Consulting Pair® while at Eli Lilly, where he was subsequently certified in several other Pope-led initiatives. He officially joined as a Consultant in 2019.

In addition to Lilly, Chris’ professional career includes extensive corporate experience at both large and small companies including Ameritech, Citizens Energy Group and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Chris has facilitation experience both inside and outside of the formal work environment. He has facilitated numerous workshops on a variety of subjects, including Diversity and Inclusion, leadership, personal development and marriage and relationships,. He has been lauded for his ability to address subjects that can be viewed as “touchy” in a way that is amenable and can be positively received.

Among his many interests, Chris enjoys reading, music, motorcycles and golf. He is a minister at his local church (Eastern Star Church), has taught in the Indianapolis public school system, has been a featured contributor to the local newspaper, as well as having been a regular on a local radio call-in show.

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Oral Roberts University. He and his wife Diane live in Indianapolis and have three adult children.