William was an Accounting Manager at Abbott Laboratories when he was selected to be the Program Manager for Consulting Pairs™ (a Pope Consulting program). As manager of this process, he went through the 13-day training with each new cohort of change agents. Through this process, he became a subject matter expert in diversity and inclusion, and a highly skilled facilitator of Join-Up discussions between employees and their new manager, and facilitator of Relationship Consultations (an alternative dispute resolution process), as well as an effective coach for all levels of employees – from the production floor to the executive level.

William then moved to a corporate HR Management position and was the youngest HR manager in the organization’s history to win the HR Manager of the Year Award. He was subsequently asked by the CEO of Abbott Laboratories to assume responsibilities for their Corporate-wide Diversity Initiatives.

William has a B.S. in Accounting from Florida A&M University. He and his wife reside in Dallas, Texas.