The workshop was very interactive and brought great awareness to the potential impact/influence of bias.


This training has made me more mindful of an area I had not been previously.  I now have tools to use to address my bias.


Pope Consulting was in the mix of Diversity & Inclusion Training at major corporations long before it was the idea was a “buzzword.” I came out at P&G in 1986. Yet, it wasn’t until I took the Consulting Pair training in the fall of 1997 at Mason Business Park that I made the linkage between my struggles and those of others in the workplace impacted by bias. I’d urge anyone to experience the training – I still draw on it two decades later.

Michael Goose Chanak

I’ve had the privilege of working with Pat and her company for over a decade. The product offerings are the best in class and help to create experiences that positively impact peoples’ lives and impact the businesses bottom line. I highly recommend her services and products; you won’t be disappointed.


Eye opening experience into my personal and business interactions.

Pamela Hardy

Teaching diversity for many years…needed more now than ever!

Maxine Shannon

Pope and Associates provided me the best leadership training over my +20 year career. Not only have I leveraged the skills in professional settings, but also in life. I highly recommend this company.

Christopher Gunn

Pope Consulting has led the way in Diversity and Inclusion training for many years (since the 70’s). I have used their methodologies and training with my organization’s leaders when I worked for healthcare organizations. Always professional and leading open conversations and increased understanding. I highly recommend their programs.

Gerri Steadman