An urban community hospital was contacted by the head of a local non-profit advocacy organization to discuss the hospital’s hiring and promotion practices. The VP of Human Resources discovered that some of their employees had been meeting with this organization. The situation continued to escalate as specific demands were made by the outside organization. Pope & Associates was asked for help.


First, we successfully facilitated a meeting with several senior executives and the head of the advocacy organization that de-escalated the situation. Next, we implemented our change agent process, Consulting Pairs®, in the organization.


Not only did the “concerned employees” subsequently decide that there no longer was a reason for them to meet, a number of them began volunteering their time to support positive change in the community as well. And when the Special Olympics was hosted in their city, hospital leadership specifically reached out to their Consulting Pairs® to request their help over the weekend – recognizing that the Pairs were inherently more comfortable with cultural/nationality and physical differences. Several years later, the hospital received a prestigious award from the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

High Performing Team