A global marketing team working on an extremely important new product launch had an incredibly talented group of individuals who were not working well together at all. One relationship had become so toxic it was affecting everyone on the team.


We met with each member of the team. We had several conversations with the team leader to review our findings and recommended approach. Everyone completed the Team Interaction Profile™ (TIP) as pre-work prior to a 2-day offsite that we designed. We successfully facilitated an issue resolution session between the two individuals with the toxic relationship prior to the offsite to ensure that it didn’t become the focus of the offsite. The team leader demonstrated amazing courage and willingness to be open and receptive to feedback. Each team member shared concerns openly while also accepting responsibility for their own behaviors that were impacting team effectiveness.

Then they decided that they wanted to include the rest of their staff. We designed another 2-day offsite, and the leadership team insisted on being there for most of the first day. After the two off-sites, we had individual feedback/coaching sessions with each member of the leadership team to provide their individual TIP results.


The Leadership Team developed a list of commitments for how they would interact and hold themselves accountable. Their image and reputation in the organization completely turned around – from being viewed as a dysfunctional team to a high performing team that others now wanted to become a part of.

Impact of Training
Community Intervention