A client was dealing with some race-related issues in one of their Sales Regions. They wanted us to provide some in-depth training for the Sales Managers, and they also wanted us to design a pre/post assessment to measure the impact.


We created a tool, The Diversity Relationship Indicator™ (DRI), which was completed by each Sales Manager and all of their respective Sales Reps prior to training. The table below provides an example of a manager’s self-assessment compared to four direct reports (DR), and the average of all DR responses, using a 5-point scale.


The training was very well received by the Sales Managers and their Director. Six months later, the DRI post-assessment indicated an increase in each manager’s scores compared to the pre-test, and the managers’ self perceptions were much more closely aligned with the perceptions of their Sales Reps. The tool also allowed us to rank order the managers from Most to Least Effective which revealed that their DRI ranking correlated almost perfectly with their Sales Performance.

Cultural Differences
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