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Government Compliance vs. Diversity

When diversity goals are more about government compliance than they are about true change and inclusion, organizations will struggle to innovate, retain talent, and become an inclusive environment. It is not enough to check a diversity hiring goal off the…
Pope Consulting Welcomes Merlin G. Pope III

Pope Consulting Welcomes Merlin G. Pope III

WEST CHESTER, OH, Sept. 12, 2018— Pope Consulting announced that Merlin G. Pope, III has joined Pope Consulting as Vice President of Business Development, bringing 14 years of experience as a corporate professional to the four-decades-old inclusion and diversity consulting…
Pope Consulting Webinar Unconscious Bias

BLR Webinar Replay

Catch Patricia Pope’s interview on BLR’s webinar on how Human Resources Departments can combat Unconscious Bias. This interview is in the context of the backlash that Starbucks has faced after the incident in a Philadelphia store involving two black men…