More Than a New Look—an Evolution in Pope’s DEI Offerings

Date: Jan 12, 2023
Author: The Pope Team

Pope Consulting has pioneered diversity education, research, and organizational change solutions for nearly 50 years. More than at any other point in history, organizations now understand the critical importance of paying attention to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. As a result, many are investing in strengthening their culture around these issues.  

Pope has been there every step of the way, updating and adapting our offerings to support organizations at every stage of their DEI journey. Most recently, we’ve expanded our e-learning programs and made them widely available to organizations as well as individuals. The time was right to take a step back and refresh our brand, so it best represents the value we deliver to organizations, and especially, their people. 

Spend some time on Pope Consulting’s new website, and you’ll see a cleaner design that’s easy to navigate. We embrace our history and the vision of our co-founders, Merlin Pope, Jr. and Patricia C. Pope, whose passion and tenacity led to the creation of a company that focused on making a more inclusive workplace for everyone. We also wanted to make clear what we’ve learned over the years: organizations that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion experience more success, greater productivity, higher reported job satisfaction, and lower turnover than those that do not.  

We’ve also clearly learned that one size will never fit all when it comes to DEI training and education. From time-efficient, flexible virtual options to a full roadmap toward a sustainable DEI culture, we offer customizable options for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and national non-profits to small and mid-sized organizations.  

The work to bring greater understanding and better communication between people of diverse backgrounds will never be “done” but the team at Pope Consulting has dedicated our personal and professional lives to making essential progress. Over the course of a half-century, that’s a lot of lives we’ve touched. It’s powerfully rewarding to see the new sense of purpose and urgency organizations are showing toward addressing their DEI culture. We can only imagine the positive impact of the next 50 years will be exponential.