Eliminating Barriers to Inclusion

At Pope Consulting, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords; they are actionable goals that will send tangible benefits rippling throughout all levels of an organization. For over 40 years, our firm has been a recognized leader in the diversity and inclusion industry, and we pride ourselves on our track record of developing creative content and innovative assessment tools. Explore our services below.

Pope Consulting Instructor Led Training

Instructor-Led Training

Each organization has unique needs and desired outcomes, and our training programs are structured to reflect this.

Pope Consulting Man Leading a Diverse Team

Culture Change Initiatives

Culture change requires a catalyst, and it also requires a sustained commitment from the leadership of the organization to foster the new culture.

Pope Consulting Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

We believe positive change always begins with a dialogue, and our speakers help to start that dialogue and cast the vision for diversity and inclusion in any organization.

Pope Consulting Professional Coaching

Consulting & Coaching

We work closely with your organization to find common-sense solutions to reduce hidden costs, increase inclusion, and make your team more efficient, productive, innovative, and profitable.

Pope Consulting Assessments

Organizational Assessments

Our organizational assessments help you determine where your organization is right now so we can map out the best path to get you to your goals.

Pope Consulting Webinars

Webinars & Public Seminars

Our webinars and public seminars are an opportunity for your company representatives to gather with like-minded individuals and explore some of the most important topics in the world of corporate inclusion.