Computer-Based & Blended Solutions

In 2003, Pope & Associates partnered with Myca Multimedia to form a new organization, Myca-Pope. The purpose of this partnership was to convert much of our intellectual property and years of delivering instructor-led training into alternative delivery systems that leveraged new technologies.

Our first course, The EDGE Advantage (Embracing Differences for Growth and Excellence) won two international awards for excellence in training media, as well as the highest rating from an independent review by the prestigious ASTD. This course created an online version of our instructor-led awareness training that has been delivered to over one million participants since 1976. Over 400,000 participants at all levels, across a wide range of industries, have taken this e-learning course.

When organizations have compared this course to competitive online programs, they have consistently selected The EDGE Advantage, indicating that it was “heads and shoulders” above other computer-based diversity training programs. From the beginning, our goal was to create a highly interactive online course that went far beyond the typical “PowerPoint on Steroids” type of approach to e-learning.

The EDGE Advantage consists of four modules:

  • The Knowledge EDGE
  • The Awareness EDGE
  • The Legal EDGE
  • The Competitive EDGE

While designed to be a stand-alone e-learning product, many of our clients have used the first two modules as pre-work prior to an instructor-led training session, thus creating a “blended learning solution.”

Our second e-learning course, The TEAM Advantage, is the online version of our Everyday Skills for Inclusive Leadership. Utilizing the same interactive approach as the EDGE Advantage, we were even more deliberate in the questions that we asked for data collection purposes, again enabling us to go beyond an educational program to provide our clients with meaningful data. The Team Advantage consists of four modules:

  • High Performing Teams
  • Strengthening Diverse Teams
  • Interpersonal Skills & Constructive Feedback
  • Team Skills & Accountability

Reality Bytes™

This is a tool that was designed to reinforce training based on research that indicates participants forget 80% of what they learned in training within a relatively short period of time. Despite good intentions when they left training, the normal day-to-day pressures of work and lack of reinforcement cause most participants to revert back to business as usual.

Realty Bytes™ is an online tool designed to reinforce what was learned in previous diversity training, whether it was instructor-led, computer-based, or a blended approach. Participants receive a monthly email that presents them with a diversity-related scenario, along with several solutions for addressing the situation.

Once they have selected what they perceive to be the best solution, they receive immediate feedback on the best choice and why. Requiring less than 3-4 minutes per month, these scenarios encourage participants to think through tough issues and apply the knowledge they have gained from previous training.

Once again, our Learning Management System is designed to provide aggregate feedback to clients each month on completion rates and the percentage of their managers who selected the best option relative to the other choices available to them.