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Are you struggling to recruit and retain employees from diverse backgrounds? Maybe your organization lacks the awareness and skills to develop them so they can contribute to their fullest potential. Are you trying to figure out how to bridge generational gaps?

Research proves that positive teams are more productive and diverse teams are more innovative, but an effective work environment can’t be hacked with employee perks, gym memberships, and the occasional bonus day off. 

At Pope Consulting, we work closely with your organization to develop tailored solutions that will result in a more efficient, productive, and innovative organization.

One-on-one coaching provides a safe and confidential environment for individual learning to occur and can enhance the knowledge gained in group training. It can be a more practical and efficient solution for individual team members who may experience knowledge or skill gaps that directly impact their work performance.

Our expert coaches provide:

  • Performance Coaching aimed at improving current performance 
  • Developmental Coaching to improve adaptability and confidence 
  • Crisis Coaching for help with immediate decisions related to diversity
  • Disciplinary Coaching to assist when addressing inappropriate behavior
  • Relationship Coaching (for improving relationships across diverse interfaces)

Our core values align with “The Four Cs of Coaching”  — Connecting first to establish trust, Clarifying the intended outcomes, Coaching on viable methods to achieve these outcomes, and finally, Committing to specific courses of action.

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We work alongside organizations to develop inclusive behavior within existing vision and values so that the culture change that occurs is organic and authentic for everyone involved, from the CEO to the newest member of the team.

Informed by scholar David Jamieson, our consulting process dives deep into the five pivotal components of an organization so that it develops a stronger, more cohesive work culture.

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Diversity and Inclusion Road Map with blue road listing out all phases of process