Think about your current work environment. Are you experiencing higher turnover than desired? Are potential customers saying that you don’t seem to have a very diverse workforce? Is your organization creating new products or services, or just creating new features on what’s been done before? Have you received backlash for a print ad or commercial that backfired? Do you have some sense of how much ineffectiveness in these areas is costing your organization?

These hidden costs are real and can be significant.

It’s time to re-energize your team and set your direction.

At Pope Consulting, we work closely with your organization to quantify these hidden costs and develop solutions that will result in a more efficient, productive, innovative, profitable organization.

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There is one thing that most high-performing teams have in common. Inclusion. All team members are engaged, relied on and valued for their contributions. When a team values inclusion and it is the DNA of how they function, that team is unstoppable. Our goal as diversity and inclusion experts is to work with you to create these high-performing teams.

At Pope Consulting, we help you find common-sense solutions to address these challenges and become a high-performing organization.

Developing a Strategic Plan for Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Change clarifies your vision, takes your business priorities and organizational constraints into account, and anticipates the bumps in the road. Before developing a Strategic Plan, you need to determine where you are starting. We work with you to assess your Current State. Then, your Strategic Plan becomes the bridge from where you are today to your vision and goals for the future.

Is your organization struggling in any of these areas?

  • How to effectively recruit, retain, develop and promote individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • How to best engage the strengths and workstyles of the different generational groups.
  • How to reduce the subtle barriers to inclusion so that every employee can contribute to their fullest potential.
  • How to effectively leverage differences to achieve breakthrough innovation and competitive advantage.
Pope Consulting - Diversity Training
Pope Consulting - Diversity Training
Pope Consulting - Diversity Training

One-on-one Coaching

Training is an effective solution when a specific group or category of employees have common development needs. Individual coaching is more practical and efficient when the identified knowledge or skill gaps reflect the learning needs of some but not all individuals. Coaching also provides a safe and confidential environment for individual learning to occur.

Our coaches provide:

  • Performance Coaching (aimed at improving current performance)
  • Developmental Coaching (to improve your ability to deal with future issues)
  • Crisis Coaching (for help with immediate decisions related to diversity)
  • Disciplinary Coaching (for help with addressing inappropriate behavior)
  • Relationship Coaching (for improving relationships across diverse interfaces)

We like to say that we work by “The Four Cs of Coaching”  — Connecting first to establish trust, Clarifying the intended outcomes, Coaching on viable methods to achieve these outcomes, and finally, Committing to specific courses of action.

Developing a Strategic Plan

Because our passion is to unlock the potential of individuals, organizations, and communities so each of them can thrive, we work closely with you to understand your industry and your specific challenges, to help you develop an achievable strategic plan with metrics along the way to measure progress and return on investment.