Culture Change Initiatives

Organizations have spent billions of dollars on diversity training, yet failed to realize much return on their investment.  Too often, it’s been a ‘one and done’ approach with little follow-up or reinforcement.  If we’ve learned one thing over the last 40 years, it’s that while training is important, it is insufficient to create meaningful and lasting change by itself.

To become an inclusive culture, organizations need to proactively engage more than just the senior leadership of the organization to drive meaningful culture change.  We have a proven process for developing internal change agents that has been implemented in dozens of organizations over the last 4 decades.  We hold a U.S. patent for this process.

Pope Consulting Man Leading a Diverse Team

Case Study

  • One Fortune 100 consumer products R&D organization engaged us because they were struggling to retain Asian Ph.D. scientists.  We implemented our process and in less than 12 months, Asian turnover decreased 51%.
  • Innovation also increased.  By truly creating an inclusive culture, they developed and launched a new product that was the most successful new product launch in the history of this highly successful 150+ year old company – which generated $1 million dollars in its’ first year and went on to become a multi-billion-dollar source of annual revenue for the company.
  • All other R&D projects in the 5-yr. period while this intervention was implemented measurably increased market share compared to projects in the previous 5 years – only two of which were successful, increasing market share by approximately 3 points.  During the five-year period of our process, the two least successful projects increased market share by 7 points.
  • One division in a Fortune 100 company had this process in place for several years when their internal Six Sigma Team implemented a new assessment across the whole company.  The data indicated that this one Division was ‘spiking’ in all the right places (quality of relationships, open communications and employee satisfaction).

We work with you to customize this process for your organization.

Pope Consulting - Diverse Team Illustration

Why Culture Change Agents Are Necessary

No matter how successful and well received any training program is, training needs to be reinforced for learning to be retained and applied on the job. The most effective way that we have found to reinforce the learning and key concepts of the training is to seed the organization with line change agents who play a tactical role in driving culture change.

Instituting Sustained Change in the Organization

Are you ready for your organization to take the next step in culture change? It’s time to start the dialogue for positive change!