While we believe that most people are good hearted and well-intentioned, they often lack the awareness, knowledge, experience and skills that are needed to interact, manage and lead effectively in today’s diverse workforce and global market place. Consequently, many have a tendency to interact less with co-workers who are different from them primarily because they don’t want to offend them.

One of our primary responsibilities is to create a safe environment for participants to learn about their hidden (unconscious) biases. Our sessions are designed to provide substantive content in a highly interactive learning environment because most of us learn best when we are actively engaged.

Prior to implementing training, we work with clients to develop creative ways to reinforce the training so that diversity and inclusion become a way of life. The solution isn’t refresher courses and more training. It is embedding the concepts of the training into day-to-day interactions and activities. Thus, being intentionally inclusive every day, when modeled by leaders and managers, is one of the most important elements of creating an inclusive culture. In fact, a 2014 Deloitte study identified Global Cultural Agility, defined as managing diversity and inclusion, as one of seven 21st Century leadership skills that are in high demand.

We offer a wide range of instructor-led training courses that engage your employees at all levels and reflect the high-standard of effectiveness that we have maintained for over 40 years. Our courses range from 90-minutes to a 3-day workshop. We begin with the end in mind – what is it that you want this training to achieve and the participants to learn and/or be able to do differently? We then build the course that will achieve your objectives.

Pope Consulting Instructor Led Training

Engage in Courses Covering a Variety of Inspiring Topics

All of our training sessions are highly interactive — focusing on increasing awareness and providing tools that can be applied immediately. We believe it’s important for employees at all levels to experience similar content so that everyone is on the same page – while at the same adapting the content for the roles and responsibilities of different levels of participants.

Learn from Instructors with a Track Record of Success

Our trainers are some of the best in the industry at engaging participants and starting the dialogue for creating a respectful and inclusive work environment. Since our instructor-led training courses began in 1976, we have maintained a 90+% average score for value of training and trainer effectiveness from over one million participants.

While we are always developing new content to address the evolving needs of our clients, many of our learning modules have stood the test of time, and our more in-depth training continues to be described as life changing.