Organizational Assessments

Our proprietary organizational assessments measure both quantitative and qualitative traits to understand your current state, which also allows you to measure progress over time.

Improve Your Work Relationships with Behavior-Based Insight for Your Whole Team

The Team Inclusion Profile (TIP)

Can teams be high performing if everyone on the team isn’t included? If your organization has successfully increased diversity within your organization, how do you determine if you have an inclusive culture?

The Team Inclusion Profile™ is a 12-minute assessment that measures team effectiveness and inclusion. While engagement and pulse surveys provide valuable data on what employees think, perceive and feel, TIP examines the employee experience within the context of teamwork based on behaviors as self-reported by each individual member.

It can also be used as a pre/post assessment to determine progress in creating an inclusive culture over time.

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“Like many leaders, I have done quite a few assessment tools over the course of my career. TIP is the one that has had the most impact in improving the quality of my work relationships with peers and direct reports.

I encourage other leaders who are looking for a completely different way of understanding their team and how it is working together to incorporate this into their leadership development and coaching plans. Best ROI ever!”

– Lenny Comma, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Jack in the Box

Give Your Company Culture the Critical Eye It Needs By Incorporating Proven Diversity and Inclusion Tools

The Culture Climate Assessment will show you where to start. 

The Culture Climate Assessment is a robust, evaluative process that creates a diversity-informed inclusion strategy for elevating your employment brand and improving organizational performance. 

This proprietary assessment will provide your organization with actionable answers to these critical questions:

  • How does it feel to work in your organization – and what issues are driving those feelings?
  • Do these feelings and issues differ based on employees’ demographics?
  • What actions can you take as an organization to create a culture of inclusion and higher performance?

The Culture Climate Assessment will:

  • Provide visual insight into strengths and opportunities
  • Compare ideal work expectations to the realities of everyday experiences
  • Map out a pathway to improve the commitment and inclusion of all employees