Organizational Assessments

To develop a strong strategy in this area, it is necessary to understand where you are starting. A combination of quantitative and qualitative information is required to understand your current state, which also allows you to measure progress over time.

Diversity Relationship Indicator™

Diversity Relationship Indicator is a tool that determines how well those in management and leadership positions are managing differences in the work environment and developing effective relationships with others.

Rather than having a single item on their Performance Evaluation, this tool assesses diversity and inclusion competencies in order to provide them with specific and meaningful feedback. It can be used as a stand-alone evaluation or as a Pre/Post Assessment. Initially developed for a group of Sales Managers, individual assessments revealed a strong correlation between managers’ diversity effectiveness and their sales performance.

Team Inclusion Profile™ (TIP)

Can teams be high performing if everyone on the team isn’t included? If your organization has successfully increased diversity within your organization, how do you determine if you have an inclusive culture?

The Team Inclusion Profile™ is a proprietary measurement tool that we developed to measure team effectiveness and inclusion. It has been used hundreds of times by all type of teams including cross-functional teams, leadership teams, operations teams, research and development teams and in professional sports. It also is used as a pre/post assessment to determine progress over time.


TIP Benefits include:

  • Provides a baseline assessment of behaviors that are impacting the quality of work relationships and team effectiveness.  The team solutions and individual feedback/coaching are tailored to address the specific gaps uncovered from the data.
  • Enables leaders to understand what inclusion really looks like on a day-to-day basis by examining their own interactions.
  • Reveals if differences in inclusion are operating for any sub-groups within the team such as seniority, years of service, gender, race/ethnicity/nationality, location, level, etc.
  • Provides real-time, quantitative feedback that can be used at any stage of your D&I journey to measure and validate the investment you are making in creating real culture change and to help institutionalize accountability within the organization.

Average length of time to complete the survey is 8 minutes.

Diversity & Inclusion  Assessment

This determines how well an organization is doing with their I&D initiative, and where they need to focus more effort in order to achieve meaningful change. Unlike an employee survey, this assessment is completed by those individuals who are closely connected with their organization’s I&D efforts (Diversity Councils, Employee Resource Groups, Senior Executives, HR/Diversity Leaders). Five categories are scored separately and an overall score is provided as well. Specific recommendations are provided in each category for how to strengthen I&D efforts.

JoinUp Assessment Tool

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