If your company is just beginning to introduce diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives or your mature DEI organization is eager to continue strengthening its culture with advanced training, our CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Pat Pope, is available to support you. One of the most experienced and sought-after DEI experts in the world, Pat has spoken for countless organizations including, the United States Army, The American Society For Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA), and the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and been a trusted resource of the media for decades.

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We believe positive change always begins with a dialogue, and our speakers help to start that dialogue and cast the vision for diversity and inclusion in any organization.


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Coaching & Consulting

We work closely with your organization to find common-sense solutions to reduce hidden costs, increase inclusion, and make your team more efficient, productive, innovative, and profitable.


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Training & Education

Our training programs are founded in experience and enable participants to surpass a cerebral understanding of unrecognized biases and obtain an acceptance that will drive sustainable behavioral alterations.


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Organizational Assessments

Our organizational assessments help you determine where your organization is right now so we can map out the best path to get you to your goals.


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Instructor-Led Training

Each organization has unique needs and desired outcomes, and our training programs are structured to reflect this.


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Sustainable Culture Change

Level up your team’s diversity and inclusion proficiency with Pope Consulting’s personalized program that is specially designed to empower change agents and increase retention rates.