Sustainable Culture Change

Sustainable Culture Change (Consulting Pairs®)

Take your team’s diversity and inclusion skills to the next level with a personalized program designed to empower change agents throughout your organization and reduce turnover rates.

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Create Sustainable Culture Change

Since 1976, we have helped thousands of executives and managers empower their employees through our trademarked Consulting Pairs® program, ultimately, helping others make diversity and inclusion a way of life at work.

Participants in Consulting Pairs® experience a unique blend of hands-on diversity and inclusion training along with opportunities to serve as internal resources and change agents within their organizations.

This program enhances one-off diversity training because it provides time and space for participants to take what they learn and apply it to everyday work experiences, thus helping people begin to view everything through the lens of inclusion and beyond their own reality.

Consulting Pairs® Alumni Have Experienced:

  • Resolved or significantly reduced employee turnover
  • Breakthrough innovation + higher productivity
  • Increased market share for specific product enhancements

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Why Culture Change Agents Are Necessary

No matter how successful and well received any training program is, training needs to be reinforced for learning to be retained and applied on the job. The most effective way that we have found to reinforce the learning and key concepts of the training is to seed the organization with line change agents who play a tactical role in driving culture change.

Consulting Pairs®  requires an 18-month commitment to ensure meaningful, lasting culture change.

“Pope Consulting has led the way in Diversity and Inclusion training for many years (since the 70’s). I have used their methodologies and training with my organization’s leaders when I worked for healthcare organizations. Always professional and leading open conversations and increased understanding. I highly recommend their programs.”
Gerri Steadman

Instituting Sustained Change in the Organization

Are you ready for your organization to take the next step in culture change? It’s time to start the dialogue for positive change!