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It’s Time to Dedicate More Attention To Your Company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts.

Welcome to Pope Consulting! We are a second-generation family-owned diversity and inclusion consulting firm committed to helping organizations attract, develop and retain diverse talent.

After more than four decades in this business, we recognize that diversity will either be a tremendous source of strength or weakness, but it will never be neutral.

Our purpose is to help you transform your work culture so it becomes your greatest asset.

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How We Can Help Your Organization

We offer a variety of dynamic professional development and training programs, consulting and coaching tailored for executive learners, and digital learning solutions that will meet your diversity and inclusion needs no matter the size of your organization.

Plus, our experts have more than 4 decades of experience to bring to any live or virtual event you may be planning.

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Are you unsure how to develop a Diversity & Inclusion strategy?

Our Culture Climate Assessment is a powerful tool that can be used to assess the broader employee experience in an effort to create a diversity-informed inclusion strategy that will elevate your employment brand and improve organizational performance.  The Culture Climate Assessment will help you establish a clear baseline and provide a pathway to building an effective D&I strategy based upon the unique needs of your organization.  »Learn more about the Culture Climate Assessment here »

Are you ready to take your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy to the next level by measuring more than representation?

You can improve the quality of work relationships and team effectiveness through behaviorally-based insight with the Team Inclusion Profile (TIP).  TIP is our proprietary tool that enables organizations to quantitatively measure inclusion – and helps to hold leaders accountable for creating an inclusive organization.  Learn more about the TIP Assessment here »

Do you want to increase awareness around the impact of unconscious bias and break down barriers to inclusion within your organization?

Impactful live events and engaging digital training programs can help your organization minimize  the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace. Learn more about our Training & Education resources here »

Do you have leaders/managers who need individualized coaching to improve their cultural competence and inclusive leadership skills?

Did you invest a lot of time and money to find the best candidates – and now need to make sure that they stay? Work environments play a significant role in recruiting and retaining effective leaders. Our tailored coaching solutions offer options for organizations of all sizes and leaders at any stage of their careers. Learn more about our coaching programs »

Are you eager to build a sustainable, inclusive culture so that your DEI efforts don’t become a ‘check the box’ initiative?

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Check out our 1983 patented, internal change-agent process that has helped organizations strengthen the quality of work relationships, drastically improve retention in 12 months or less, and elevate innovation beyond a ‘new flavor’ or ‘updated packaging’ – to create NEW products that didn’t previously exist.  We know that when organizations invest in truly creating an inclusive culture – they are inherently more innovative.

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We are passionate about making a real difference for individuals, for relationships, and for the growth and financial success of your organization. Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation call with us to discuss your specific diversity and inclusion training needs.