[Free Webinar] Cultural Climate Assessment


Cultural Climate Assessment — Understanding and Closing Your ‘Disappointment Gap’: How should it feel to come to work vs. how does it feel to come to work?

Every person comes to work every day with an expectation of feeling welcomed, included, and valued.

Unfortunately, many corporate climates do not meet those expectations, and within days or weeks of starting a new job, employees can feel alienated, excluded, and ultimately disappointed. As a result, engagement, productivity, and loyalty to the company tend to erode quickly.   

On September 24th, 2019 Clinical/Performance Psychologist and Pope Consultant, Dr. Stephen Curtis, hosted a webinar where he shared what we have learned about the expectations of employees based upon hundreds of Corporate Climate Assessments. Dr. Curtis explored this topic to show the importance of understanding the Cultural Climate for your organization and revealed a diversity-informed inclusion strategy to better understand the specific things that can be done to elevate your employment brand and culture.