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Effective DEI strategies that meet you where you are.

No matter where your organization stands in its DEI journey, Pope will help you navigate the landscape better than anyone else. Our assessments, dynamic training sessions, coaching, and consulting help you create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued.

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The goal is to create long-lasting, sustainable change, which requires:

Making system-wide changes that include everyone from the CEO to the newest team member.


Empowering your team with the skills to be more inclusive and manage unconscious bias in the workplace.

While the best, most enduring cultural change is supported by all four approaches—Organizational Assessment, Coaching and Consulting, Training and Education, and Inclusion CoachesTM—we recognize that not every organization is able to make that level of commitment. Pope will customize a plan to maximize the impact of your DEI program.

Organizational Assessment

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Organizational Assessment

Our proprietary assessment is the recommended first step for any organization. A combination of quantitative and qualitative analyses, this assessment will help determine your strengths and opportunities, identify barriers to an inclusive workplace, and provide a starting point for your DEI strategy, plus a baseline for measuring growth. Our organizational assessment includes a combination of the following:

Employee Lifecycle Analysis

DEI Maturity Analysis

Executive Interviews

Focus Groups

Team Inclusion Profile (TIP)

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Coaching and Consulting

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Coaching and Consulting

These system-wide services are focused on the complete organization. Guided by a DEI Maturity Analysis that evaluates your organization’s structure, systems, processes, and practices through a DEI lens, we will help your organization establish and sustain an effective DEI strategy that increases overall job satisfaction and improves your bottom line.


One-on-one coaching provides a safe and confidential environment for individual learning. It’s a practical and efficient solution for individual team members who may experience knowledge or skill gaps that directly impact their work and their team’s performance.

Our one-on-one coaching focuses on four areas:


Improving current performance.


Improving adaptability and


Providing immediate support in
dealing with a DEI-related situation.


Improving relationships
through DEI.

Coaching Circles

Our Inclusive Leadership Coaching Circles provide additional training for teams that have completed our Inclusive Leadership program. They not only reinforce the strategies your managers learned, but also provide support on real-time issues and give advice on integrating the new inclusive habits into leadership styles.


Based on our extensive experience with DEI in the workplace, our consulting efforts are geared toward helping organizations elevate the structural and systemic elements of their DEI infrastructure. As is inevitable, people and organizational priorities will change. Organizations that have a strong DEI infrastructure will be positioned to experience the most sustainable success through these changes. We provide immediate support if your organization needs help dealing with an urgent DEI-related situation.

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Training and Education

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Training and Education

Equip your organization with awareness of unconscious biases and the necessary skills to be more inclusive at all levels. Pope facilitators have trained well over one million participants across the globe.

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Positive change begins with dialogue.

Our incredibly experienced consultants provide highly effective facilitation to start the hard conversations that create awareness and lasting positive change. Our experts are here to help your leaders, managers, and individual contributors develop conscious inclusion practices to improve your organization’s overall culture.

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Live Events

Interested in adding Diversity and Inclusion
to your next event?

We offer in-person events for annual leadership meetings, client conferences, regional sales conferences, keynote speakers, and more.

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Online Courses

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Online Courses

Our online learning courses are guides to help you create and foster a culturally inclusive workplace that embraces diverse ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives. From awareness to action, we will help you gain insight about DEI in your organization. Each of our self-directed, interactive courses will:

Initiate candid conversations
about differences.

Increase awareness
of unconscious biases.

Provide actionable tools
for leaders, managers,
and teams to use daily.

We offer volume pricing for both courses.
The Inclusive Workplace

Gain an in-depth understanding of how bias affects peer-to-peer relationships and develop a common language for understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across professional relationships.

Session Duration: 1 hr.
  • Why Inclusion Matters
  • Common DEI Terms and Concepts
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Visible and Invisible Elements of Diversity
  • Impact of Bias on First Impressions of Others
  • Inclusive Behaviors
  • Types of Microaggressions
  • Allyship Tools and Behaviors
  • Gain fluency in the language of DEI to ensure effective communication with colleagues.
  • Explore different scenarios that require you to recognize microaggressions that commonly occur across daily workplace interactions.
  • Discover the power of allyship and how you can play a vital role in advocating for team members from underrepresented backgrounds.


Managing for Inclusion

Examine the impact of bias through the lens of how it influences talent acquisition, performance evaluation, and coaching/mentoring relationships. Designed exclusively for leaders and managers who are new, want to increase talent retention, or need to improve individual and/or team performance.

Session Duration: 2.5 hr.
  • Common DEI Terms and Concepts
  • Unconscious Bias and Awareness Activity
  • Visible and Invisible Elements of Diversity
  • Impact of Bias on First Impressions of Others
  • Cultivating Trust with Direct Reports
  • Inclusive Management–Fair vs. Equal
  • Inclusive Onboarding–Gracious Host Mindset
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Delivering Feedback Effectively
  • Acts of Inclusion
  • Engage in interactive exercises to help them become more aware of how biases impact managers’ effectiveness and workplace results.
  • Explore different scenarios that require them to think through situations as an inclusive manager—building trust with new direct reports during the onboarding phase, managing performance expectations, delivering feedback effectively, and coaching for success.
  • Practice new behaviors that will help them establish stronger relationships and make better decisions as managers.


Why choose our courses?


Engage in thought-provoking exercises, scenarios, and quizzes that ensure active learning and practical application.


These courses have been designed by DEI experts who bring real-world insights to every module.


Access our dynamic content anywhere, anytime, and progress at your own pace to fit your busy schedule.

Client Testimonial

I would highly recommend the “Inclusive Workplace Training” online course.  All of our employees completed DEI training with Pope Consulting.  The training helped employees become more aware of the impact of unconscious bias and other barriers to inclusion, and more importantly, provided tools to positively impact behaviors – in the course evaluation, nearly 90% Strongly Agreed or Agreed that they would be able to apply what they learned from the Inclusive Workplace online course.   This engaging course has been an important element of our overall DEI strategy to strengthen our workplace culture and empower our people in pursuit of our mission.

Amy Russell, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
GTI Energy

The Inclusive Workplace training created a shared understanding of what diversity and inclusion means and looks like—a foundation from which we can all grow. Most importantly, participants left with concrete, practical steps to create and sustain an inclusive workplace through their everyday actions.

Maddie DiGristina, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
SRC, Inc.

My name is Chris Thomas and I have been a domestic and international general manager for several fortune 100 companies like P&G and Frito Lay. A couple decades ago, I had the opportunity to work closely with Pope Consulting to deliver diversity and inclusion training to all P&G managers and leaders in the Sales Division.  It was tremendously well-received and something that has ‘stuck’ with me ever since.  Their new digital training course for individual contributors is equally impactful and extremely well done. Whenever I have the opportunity to recommend to companies who can help drive their DEI efforts to unprecedented levels, Pope Consulting is the first firm that comes to mind!

Chris Thomas, CEO
The Defensive Line

The Inclusive Workplace digital course was an engaging experience and provided practical tools for my colleagues and I to be more inclusive.

Tim Herrington, Sales Manager
Konica Minolta

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Inclusion CoachesTM

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Inclusion CoachesTM

Inclusion CoachesTM offer the greatest potential for creating sustainable culture change. A cross-section of employees from all levels of an organization goes through individual development and training. The purpose of an Inclusion CoachTM is to help bridge the gap between employees from different backgrounds and seniority levels and increase the quality of relationships through better understanding and communication.

The goals of this proprietary solution include:

  • Creating an environment of better understanding and acceptance between managers and employees.
  • Training employees to act as change agents, Inclusion CoachesTM, within the organization.
  • Helping everyone in the organization view daily experiences and interactions beyond their own reality through the lens of inclusion.

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Our topics include:


The Inclusive Leader Blueprint
How to Understand and Manage Unconscious Bias

Best for: Senior Leaders and Managers


Leadership Secrets
Leveraging Differences to Achieve a Competitive Edge

Best for: Senior Managers and Leaders


Changing Places
How Senior Managers and Leaders Can Spearhead Measurable and Sustainable Change in the Modern Workplace

Best for: Senior Managers and Leaders


Inclusive Workplace
Exploring Unconscious Bias and how it impacts relationships

Best for: All Employees