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2024 Cultural Calendar

Our cultural calendar was created to help organizations recognize and celebrate important cultural observances. There are numerous culturally significant dates beyond what we have listed and observing additional holidays is encouraged.

DEI Council

Thinking about starting a DEI Council within your organization? Download our FAQ guide for practical insights and strategies to ensure your council is both effective and aligned with your business objectives.

Cultivating Inclusive Behaviors & Habits on your Team

In a world that strives for diversity and equality, it is essential for people managers to role-model inclusive behaviors within their teams. The Harvard Business Review (HRB) article titled "Make Inclusive Behaviors Habitual on Your Team" examines the importance of cultivating inclusive habits…

Pride – the Struggle Continues

In honor of Pride Month, we reached out to friend and former colleague at Procter & Gamble, Michael Chanak, Jr., asking him to help us celebrate Pride Month by sharing thoughts about his LGBTQ+ journey.    Michael Chanak, Jr. -- The year is…

Is Belonging Just a Buzzword?

As someone who has spent the majority of my work life in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion field, the terminology has certainly expanded over the last five decades. At times, some have suggested that they’re confused by or tired of the buzzwords associated…

Pope Consulting Launches E-Learning Diversity Courses and Refreshes Brand

CINCINNATI — Jan. 10, 2023 — Pope Consulting, a pioneer in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) education and consulting, is offering wide access to its award-winning virtual learning program, The Inclusive Workplace. The company has also updated its brand to better reflect the DEI service…

Preparing for the "Future Culture"

People now expect faster service, more options, and flexibility with almost everything. For most businesses, it has not been an easy adjustment to their new normal, but many are anxiously hopeful for the time we can get back to a familiar routine. Business…

DEI Dashboard: Identifying the Right Targets

Overview: This blog introduces suggested steps for identifying the right targets to monitor progress, measure success, and deliver results-driven diversity, equity, and inclusion plans. The evolution of diversity and inclusion trends, like placing more emphasis on belonging (DEIB) in the workplace, has many…