Inclusive Leadership Public Program

1-Day Conference on Inclusive Leadership Skills

July 31, 2019 | Plano, TX (Dallas)
Cost: $500 Per Person

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Four global mega trends are chaining the business world of the future and the capabilities that managers and leaders will need to succeed.

Diversity of:

  • Markets
  • Customers
  • Ideas
  • Talents

To meet these challenges, it will require more than awareness of unconscious bias.

In this 1-day conference, you will learn more about the critical relationships in your organization that help it thrive or fail. You will learn to coach through conflict rather than avoiding it, evaluate performance accurately and fairly, and finally, learn to have accountability conversations with those who have fallen short in their performance metrics.

Don’t miss this impactful session, hosted by the team at Pope Consulting.

Previous Participant Testimonials:

“Be sure to consider biases and how they affect my actions. Make use of specific tools- BICA model, accountability, coaching. Think about and discuss how to take the learning and share with others.”

“ Actionable tools to apply in real-life situations as a leader”

“Tools, practice, understanding, learning methods, check-backs, personal evaluation – all these are takeaways from this session.”

“Feel more confident giving feedback instead of making excuses on why I don’t need to or being worried about potential objections from the other person.”