Roberta McClinon Executive Assistant Pope ConsultingRoberta is the Operations Coordinator at Pope Consulting. She has over 30 years’ experience in administrative support roles. Prior to joining Pope Consulting she worked as the Front Desk Coordinator for a major Food Bank in Tennessee where she trained volunteers, managed front desk processes and referred clients to resources provided by the food bank. Roberta also brings 20 years’ experience with Procter & Gamble supporting mid to senior-level managers in Products Research and Minority Business Development departments.

Roberta is also a Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Reflexologist, and Reiki Practitioner and has authored a book on natural health. She graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health with a Bachelors and combined Masters/Doctorate degrees in Natural Health.

She has 2 children, 6 grandchildren and resides in Fairfield, Ohio.

Why I have a passion for Diversity and Inclusion (DnI)?
I have always, in my professional and personal life, had to be aware of diversity and inclusion as an African American woman, and now as a “Baby Boomer.” Having the opportunity to see “up close” how DnI is managed within corporations has been quite interesting.

Something unique about yourself:
I am a Certified Reflexologist, I rub/massage people’s feet to help them relax, reduce pain, increase circulation throughout their whole bodies.