Over 1 million people have benefited from our diversity and inclusion training programs all over the world. From guest appearances on CBS, NBC, and CNBC to establishing ourselves as builders of community in our own backyard, we have worked hard to provide diversity consulting services you can trust to build a better workplace for all.

Allow us to share what sets us apart.

We’re Pioneers in Diversity & Inclusion

Our co-founder Merlin G. Pope, Jr. coined the term “diversity” in 1977 to refer to the changing demographics of the U.S. workforce. So you can say we’ve been involved in this life-changing work from its beginning. Since then, we have revolutionized the diversity and inclusion training opportunities available for  Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, teams, and individuals.

In honor of Merlin’s pioneering work and value of education, we’ve established the Merlin G. Pope, Jr. $100,000 Founders Medallion Scholarship at Kent State University for an African-American student majoring in Sociology.

“Pope Consulting was in the mix of Diversity & Inclusion Training at major corporations long before it was the idea was a “buzzword.” I came out at P&G in 1986. Yet, it wasn’t until I took the Consulting Pair training in the fall of 1997 at Mason Business Park that I made the linkage between my struggles and those of others in the workplace impacted by bias. I’d urge anyone to experience the training – I still draw on it two decades later.”
Michael Goose Chanak

We Serve Groups of All Sizes

We take pride in having a team of seasoned diversity training consultants who give their undivided attention to our clients and consulting engagements. Their adept knowledge of why inclusion matters in the workplace along with the skills to deliver meaningful training programs to groups of any size ensures your team gets the training it needs and the service it deserves.

We Believe the Best Learning is Done Alongside One Another

We’ve helped thousands of executives and managers empower their employees through our trademarked Consulting Pairs® program, a unique blend of hands-on diversity and inclusion training that provides opportunities to serve as change agents within their organizations.

We’re Advocates for Our Communities

We don’t just talk the talk around here. We have done the work to invest and advocate for the communities we are a part of. As such we are a certified Veteran-owned business, a certified Woman-Owned Business, a certified Ohio Small Business, and registered as a U.S. Federal Contractor.

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“Pope Consulting has led the way in diversity and inclusion for many years (since the 70’s). I have used their methodologies and training with my organization’s leaders when I worked for healthcare organizations. Always professional and leading open conversations and increased understanding. I highly recommend their programs.”

–Gerry Steadman